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Plenty To Write Aout--If You Are "Into" It!

In the words of one comedian: "It's a crazy world, and I'm a happy guy!"

For observers of the condition of the world, there is plenty to observe. On this day, that is more than true. I believe it is imperative that observers of the goings on from the Court House to the White House, and beyond should must write their views and opinions (factually, of course) as visibly as possible.

I do so on several sites across the internet, and will do so on this day. It will definitely take more than a day to accomplish that particular task. Some will say that my particular political leanings will heavily influence my observations. And so they will, but I must be clear about the observations I make, and more importantly why they are so. Facts matter. I do not write politically due to a particular political philosophy (although I definitely have them!). I write my observations from the viewpoint of "Citizen". Politically motivated? No. Politically aware? Most definitely. 

I say this because I have chosen this year to write (at least my drafts) by hand, with one of my fountain pens. That is what this blog is (or at least should be) about. I have not completed those drafts, but I have begun them. I already notice a desire to write legibly that is much stronger than it has been in a very long time. I want my words to matter, but I most want them to be legible. How can you discuss what someone has written if you cannot read their writing?

It sounds so simple, but so does the concept of writing. Should I simply write in print for legibility? 

I think not. Consider the very concept of hand writing itself. Everyone knows how to do this, don't they? And then consider the idea of hand writing in legible script. Everyone knows how to do this, don't they? 

I know what my answers are to these two simple considerations--at least for myself. I am uncomfortable with the answers when applied to me. My discomfort transliterates to anger as I consider the reflection I see in my own script handwriting. A Bullet Journal won't solve that problem.

I have come to believe that "dressing up" a bullet journal, for instance is not to enhance the purpose of the journal itself. For me personally, the purpose for my bullet journal is to organize and expand my living experience, not garner likes and views on YouTube. (YMMV)

For me, if it isn't for the social media aspect (which is, I think perfectly reasonable and acceptable) then what is it with all the Washi tape, etc, and incessant "doodling" in a Bullet Journal--and even more, to do so with a video recording of what you are creating (or what you created, which is much more often the case?) in a bullet journal, a diary, or a ?? Isn't this very blog evidence of my social intentions with my handwriting?

I have a theory, heretofore untested. I submit that all those non-words exist to hide and distract from the lousy writing which eventually appears on the "spreads" of so many journals. 

I am not going to be one of those writers!

I have no innate dislike for those who display their creativity anywhere near their journals! If you want to become a social media maven, have at it. I will observe, comment and most often enjoy your (what I think is) misplaced artistry.

As so many have done, you too may well discover to your horror and sadness that success, and especially success in business (social or otherwise) is not diminished by the presence of the internet as opposed to a place where you go to work. Your "business" success online is intensified by it--and that is what so many online bullet journalers discover.

Success is hard work. Many (most) fail at business. That is the nature, I think, of business. It isn't even supposed to be easy. 

Success in hand writing isn't either. It is artistic by definition. You are creating.

I just simply cannot personally choose mediocrity in anything. I wasn't built that way. My Mother was a Journalism professor. My father was a politician and lawyer who made his way by creating the correct words, at the correct time, in the correct manner. Both were quite successful at this endeavor. They embued their offspring with the love of learning, of writing words that matter. In the beginning, I owed them my very best effort. 

Now, I owe it to myself. I have ignored it, to my shame. I choose not to ignore it in 2019. That is why this blog, and my handwriting endeavor exist today.

"It is no big deal; it's just writing!"

I'm sorry. Civilization would argue otherwise. So would I.

How about you? What do YOU think about it? Leave a comment, and let me know. I'm generally a happy guy, too.

It is the simple task of picking up a fountain pen and considering the words I would put on paper with it that has caused this blog post. I think that is simply amazing.

Writing Is FUN!


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