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This entire web site is about conversation--civil discourse amongst friends and fellow fountain pen enthusiasts. It is also an experiment. IF the site is found to be not fit for purpose I will create one which is. If you have a question, a comment, a concern, a complaint, a recommendation, a suggestion, a ransom not...well, anyway. 

Please use the contact form below for your personal contribution to the discourse. It will come only to me. We can discuss (or not) your message. I'm just trying to be available, up front, and honest in my dealings with all who participate here. Trolls will be IP banned and reported. Flames will be ignored. I have a very large, strong, heavy and intensely effective ban hammer I will not hesitate to use if any participant is found to be unwilling to follow our two rules, or attempts to cause strife, dissension, etc. on this site. It's my site. It's my rules. It is my call. I will protect the site and its users without fear or favor. I promise.

I have to let you know that. I just did. I won't again. I promise.

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