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When Words Bite You


One of the biggest fears of those who write their own words is that someone else will read them. This is a serious occupational hazard for us author types. It is a serious concern for all who dare to create their own words, regardless of their purpose. It happened to me yesterday, and I am sti…

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Finding Words To Write

Having spent several decades keyboarding exclusively, my recent return to the act of handwriting with a fountain pen has left me a bit flummoxed. Wanting to write, I had some (Since confirmed) misconceptions about the writing itself. This in and of itself has brought me to understand that the writte…

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Plenty To Write Aout--If You Are "Into" It!

In the words of one comedian: "It's a crazy world, and I'm a happy guy!"

For observers of the condition of the world, there is plenty to observe. On this day, that is more than true. I believe it is imperative that observers of the goings on from the Court House to the White House, and beyond shoul…

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