My Pen and I

Do you remember your fountain pen? Remember again.

Welcome To Your Website



I am very glad you are here. 

This site is all about hand writing. I know, on an internet blog--right?

It's about access, and community. We each inhabit our own space on this planet, yet we cannot fulfill our fullest potential alone. We need each other. This is a place where those whose lives include (or wish to) the joys and wonders of hand writing using a fountain pen. 


You see, this is the way I see it. It is not the first lit candle that matters in a dark place, it is the second one. We hope for just one more to participate in this amazing adventure with us. 

I hope you will choose to become that "one more candle" and discover, or re-discover the wonderful habit of hand writing--with a fountain pen. I do not do pen reviews here, or even supply reviews. We learn together, grow and share together from whatever point in the universe we may currently inhabit. I do make recommendations for those things, places, people and events I personally experience. Your mileage may vary (YMMV). 

So, come join in the fun, won't you? Why? Because,

Writing is FUN!


Bud Fields,