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On My Writing for 2019

My Parker Urban Fountain Pen

December 28th, 2018

This pen, the Parker Urban (F) with stainless steel nib is, and will always be my "first" fountain pen of the 21st century. I have other pens available, and more pens coming soon. My wonderful diary from Sacred Lotus Love has arrived, and is simply wonderful. Lined dark cream pages (240) with date line at right top, cover which is art itself, and a handmade pen leather sleeve present simplicity itself. 

That is one of the goals for my 2019 writing journey: simplicity. 

I will not be putting the words I write (generally) into this blog. Duplication is complexity. I will however write here about the process and the journey. How often, I cannot yet say with certainty. Today, I will be ordering my Bullet Journal for 2019 from Goulet. I will spend time today designing that Journal. It is presently a very confusing process. The possibilities are endless. Several YouTubers have spent countless hours and days describing and showing their "minimalist" journals. 

My journal will not be artsy, or complicated. I need it not to be. Very few trackers for instance. One, however will be tracking my handwriting practice every day with my various fountain (and others for practice, including the reliable #2 pencil) pens. I have ordered, and received Michael Sully's ptome on handwriting and will follow the lesson plans beginning on January 1, 2019. I would love to encourage you to invest in your handwriting and purchase this amazing volume. I am not exactly sure how to explain this next bit, but I will give it a try. Your mileage may vary (YMMV).

PHoto courtesy of

By merely reading through this book, my handwriting is already showing signs of improvement!

I am extremely nervous about even attempting to correctly write my name and the year in the lead page of my Diary. I don't want to mess it up! It is, to me so very beautiful. It deserves my very best handwriting, with the proper ink. I want an ink that complements the darker ivory pages. Monteverde Canyon Rust is my choice so far, but it is a darker brown. I am afraid the words will not be quite so distinguishable from the page. Green is not a color I prefer. Black is dirt common even with a great black ink. 54th Massachusetts may be the final winner. One of the things about the diary is that I do not have to "stick" to one and only one ink. I can see that completed Diary, and it seems to become boring after a while with only one--even if nice and complementary to the Diary--ink. 

I am aware of my "First Rule" for improving handwriting: SLOW DOWN!

I am thinking that this may be why I am seeing improvement in my handwriting today. I'm not judging the process, or the result. I am working the system for good handwriting. (If I can figure out how to do it, I will post photos occasionally to measure my progress.) Sull's volume agrees with me. Today (or tomorrow) I will copy practice pages and worksheets for the first three or so lessons. I won't share them here, but I will write about them to share with you the process. I have to concentrate on the forming of letters. I have to write about the process. I have much to write about in my Journal, my Diary, and in the several presentments which feature my writing work. 

The New York Times did a "puff" piece (my opinion) highlighting the opening of the new Lamy Store in New York City that was published yesterday. 2.8/5.0. I'll have more to say on it later, because I am 62+ years of age (until 12/31/18), I have opinions, and I don't necessarily keep them to myself. 

Sully will help me improve my handwriting. My pens, inks and papers will help me love even more the useful art of handwriting. That activity will help me here, writing with and for you. But, I must not get bogged down with the process or lose focus on the intended outcome. I must write words, every day. Those words must have meaning and purpose

I do not need, nor do I (necessarily) seek your approval and/or agreements with the completed words I write, dear reader. What is the purpose, then of my writing...anywhere?

It is not for your agreement. It is for your intentional action. I want and will work very hard in my writing in 2019 to change the way to think! I want to write effectively to the point that you will come to change the way you live in relation to whatever it may be that I am writing about. After all, isn't that the purpose of writing? Yes, it actually is if you follow the rules of handwriting: Slow Down. Practice. Write intentionally. 

Isn't that why communication happens?

Postal cards. Greeting cards. Thank you letters. Business correspondence. Journalism. Ad nausem, these are just a few of the outlets we have for handwriting intentionally. Letters to friends and loved ones, Letters to the Editor, Letters to our electeds. Mystery novels. Sermons. Educational output. Journals (Action!). Diaries (Reflection). Blog posts. :)

All of these and so many more handwriting opportunities represent to me the "payoff"" for all the work I do, and especially for all the writing that I  do. Yes, the relaxation, the creative flow, and the pure joy of handwriting are all benefits I expect to experience. But if my writing does not change the way you think about a thing, why do it?

It is building. I can feel it in my soul. I have the three materials I need. I have a path to a process leading to successfully improving my handwriting: One of my three primary goals for 2019. I am falling in love, again with handwriting. I may have to silence my advocacy among family and friends. I do not have to do so here. I will not do so here. Why? Because

Writing Is FUN!





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