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Do you remember your fountain pen? Remember again.

My Pen And I


It should be an easy thing to remember, but I do understand if it is a bit "wordy". The web is becoming a bit crowded these days. 

That is to be expected, however. More than 1,000,000 new websites are created every day. These days, though, the problems exist in those websites that are being abandoned in the millions at an even faster clip. It takes about a year before the web decides you really mean it when you leave a website to die a lonely death. I've done it many times myself. At various times, I didn't even know how many web sites I had, or blogs I was writing in. It kind of got crazy. I had to slow down. 

Interestingly enough, that is what helped me create this blog, and this (eventually!) web site. I did slow down. I picked up a fountain pen for the first time in decades, and began writing with it in a daily journal. I discovered that I had first to practice my hand writing skills. I hadn't forgotten, I was just rusty. I still am. That's why I created this website. I do know several things:

1. I am not alone. From the youngest to the oldest, we are in desperate need of slowing down virtually everything. 

2. I became concerned some time ago when a young friend of mine informed me I could not write cursive to her because she had not learned it in school (when she is currently in High School, mind you!) and could not read it. Yes, she is moving at the speed of the internet. She has no idea in what direction the internet is taking her, or why. 

3. Sound familiar?

This site will attempt to continue the recent trend BACK to the fountain pen. This will be (I truly hope) a shared journey, and a shared story. You are cordially invited to participate with a journey back to the wonder of hand writing with a fountain pen. It is not necessarily expensive. Anyone can do it. All it takes is a notebook and a fountain pen with some ink in it.

You can be slow moving, and grow at a pace comfortable for you. Imagine that! You can write about anything you fancy as you practice your writing skills. I blog. I keep a Bullet Journal. I write Journal entries every day in a real notebook. I have many interests and active writing life-strong events with post cards, letters, and diary entries. I do not intend to become a fountain pen collector, but I do intend to have and use several less expensive fountain pens. You can purchase them online for less the $2 USD--ink included. You can purchase a writing instrument (fountain pen) for $80,000.00. I won't be joining you at that level, but there are an ever-increasing number of afficianados and collectors who will happily greet you when you choose to open that door.

I hope we can begin at the beginning, together directed by our love of hand writing, a passion many of us older types once held dear, and should do so again. We have several generations to catch up with the wonderful task of hand writing with a fountain pen. I hope you will help me in this endeavor wherever you live, and at whatever level you find comfortable. Share in the conversations, find something useful and share it here. Mentor a younger person--hey, listen. On December 31st, I will be 63. There are plenty younger than I who I think should be examining their reality versus their "online presence". Slow down. Focus. Dedicate yourself to discovering the joys, wonders, and creative genius of the fountain pen. After all,

Writing is Fun!


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