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2019 Is Getting Closer!

Something happened today that has me strangely excited. 


I received notification that the Journal I have chosen for 2019 has been shipped. I will have only a few days to set it up, and first I must decide how it is going to function, look, and work.. See the 7 year old, tongue out, eyes wide in anticipation. That's how I honestly feel at this moment.. I searched high and low for just the write one. I think I have found it. You can click the link and get the scoop. I can smell it! 

I've finished wrapping the presents. Today I will bake some home-made goodies and fill the stockings. Yes, fountain pens will be in them. Santa told me, that's how I know!

It is strange, and I must tell you just a bit disconcerting to be feeling this way. Even a month ago, I would never have imagined I would be so intensely interested in this topic, or this activity. But, I am just as excited as the day I received my first journal and fountain pen from my Mother for the Christmas just before my 8th birthday. I am off to draw some diagrams, and play with some paper and ink. 

Are you journaling in 2019? I sure hope so, because I can tell you upon the best authority it is going to be an amazing journey! I sincerely hope to share it with you. I absolutely hope you will share it with someone you know and love. Not only will it change lives, it may just change the world! 

Merry Christmas!


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