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Finding Words To Write

Having spent several decades keyboarding exclusively, my recent return to the act of handwriting with a fountain pen has left me a bit flummoxed. Wanting to write, I had some (Since confirmed) misconceptions about the writing itself. This in and of itself has brought me to understand that the written word is writing of substance. Words, no matter how trivial, seem to take on additional "weight". Again, the words themselves matter. Is this real? Or is it merely mental floss?

I have written in my bullet journal. I have written in my Diary. I have written a couple of letters to family and friends. It is just different than whipping out a quick email. 

In order to improve my hand writing, I have searched for words to write. Copying poetry, meaningful documents, quotations, etc. have helped me literally "see" the weaknesses of my present handwriting. But cursive writing, and most especially with a fountain pen, is a moving reality. Spencerian script is carefully formed artwork to my mind, whereas Palmer script is designed and meant to be a faster-moving script that creates--among other things--speed in accuracy. I presently have no idea for or intention to write the next novel. How does one, regardless of the words written, create flowing movement at speed?

One of the arguments against writing cursive script has been proffered by active academic students, who say that cursive writing is too slow! Notes must be taken quickly, as many instructors move "at speed" in their lectures. Could it be that this is a legitimate test of my theory about the heft of handwriting? I decided to study a course and find out.

The course I have enrolled in can be found here. It is a course local to my areas of study and interest called "Morality In Politics". (How's that for a doubly redundant oxymoron?)

Yes, I do in fact recommend this course to you. If you are working on your hand writing, this is a course rife with notes to be taken. It is also quite interesting--at least I believe so. I do submit the idea to be a good one. I will let you discover your course of choice, and invite you to join me in the handwriting journey. I'd love to literally compare notes with you. 

This is a bit of a beefy option, but one I feel to be important to my handwriting journey. As the complaints against the form have, to a very large degree affecte the instructional elements within education itself, it is also reasonable to go to that forum itself and test the premise. Why was cursive writing removed from educational standards in the first place? Why is cursive writing being hurriedly re-introduced into that same educational platform? This could be interesting, and even entertaining, because,


Writing Is FUN!


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